Research to Advance Health Reform

Commissioned Projects

Welcome to our commissioned research projects page, where we describe the studies we are funding under this RWJF-sponsored program. First, there is the timely work of Sabrina Corlette and colleagues at the Georgetown University Center on Health Insurance Reforms, who are producing an extensive series of blogs and briefs tracking developments for health reform-related topics. Second, there are the seven research projects that were selected through a competitive process to analyze a wide range of topics related to health reform and health care coverage. Below is a listing of these projects with links to detailed descriptions. All products will be posted as they become available.

Baumgarten A. “New State Approaches to Medicaid Managed Care: Financial Performance of Medicaid MCOs in 2018.” (forthcoming)

Baumgarten A. “New State Approaches to Medicaid Managed Care: Update on the Oregon Health Plan.”  (forthcoming)

Baumgarten A. “What Comes After Medicare Cost Plans for Minnesota Seniors?” (forthcoming)

Chernew ME, Conway PH, Frakt AB. “Transforming Medicare’s Payment Systems: Progress Shaped by the ACA.” Health Affairs. 39(3): 413–420, 2020. Available at:

Chernew ME, Heath J. “How Different Payment Models Support (or Undermine) a Sustainable Health Care System: Rating the Underlying Incentives and Building a Better Model.” New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst. 1(1), 2020. Available at:

Corlette, Sabrina, Private Insurance Market “Rapid Response”

Mamaril, CB. Health Reform Impacts on Multi-Sector Networks that Support Population Health. (forthcoming)

McKinsey & Company. “The Math of ACOs.” (forthcoming)

McWilliams JM, Landon BE, Rathi VK, Chernew ME. “Getting More Savings from ACOs — Can the Pace Be Pushed?” New England Journal of Medicine. 380(23): 2190-92, 2019. Available at:

Nikpay SS. “Federal Safety-Net Subsidies Poorly Target Hospitals with High Safety-Net Burden.”  (forthcoming)

Nikpay SS. “The Medicaid Windfall: Medicaid Expansions and the Target Efficiency of Hospital Safety-Net Subsidies.” (forthcoming)

Nikpay SS, Buntin M. “Federal Subsidies Poorly Target Safety-Net Hospitals.” April 2020 (forthcoming)

Sacks DW, Drake C, Abraham JM, Simon K. ““Grandmothered” plans: What are they and how do they affect financial performance in the individual insurance market?” (forthcoming)

Sacks DW, Drake C, Abraham JM, Simon K. “Same Game, Different Names: Cream-skimming in the Post-ACA Individual Health Insurance Market.” Inquiry. July 9, 2020. Available at:

Sari M, Nichols L. “The impact of hospital competition on community benefit provision.” (forthcoming)