Altarum's Private Insurance Research Collection

Commissioned Projects

Private Insurance Market "Rapid Response," Sabrina Corlette, Center on Health Insurance Reforms, Sabrina Corlette

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) led to dramatic gains in coverage, with an estimated 20 million people newly insured under the law. However, those coverage gains are at risk, thanks in large part to significant uncertainty about the future of the private health insurance market and questions about how well it will serve consumers, particularly those with pre-existing conditions or significant health care needs. Consumers’ access to affordable, adequate private coverage depends on sound public policy and a regulatory framework that supports a sustainable market. The development of such public policy requires an understanding of the complex interplay of federal and state laws affecting the private insurance market, as well as emerging market trends in response to federal and state policies. Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms (CHIR) will support evidence-based policy making by researching and writing issue briefs and blog posts and actively communicating complex private insurance policy issues to local and national media, state and federal policymakers, and patient and consumer advocates. The products will include: one issue brief about a health insurance reform issue (e.g., the return of association health plans); two “mini-briefs” about emerging federal legislative or regulatory actions and their impact on states, consumers, and the stability of the insurance market; 18 blog posts on emerging health insurance issues (posted on Georgetown’s CHIRblog site); and communications activities to be determined in partnership with RWJF and Altarum such as personalized outreach to selected journalists upon release of issue briefs or blog posts. 1/15/18 – 7/14/19