Sept. 18, 2015 Webinar

All-Payer Claims Databases: Unlocking Data to Improve Healthcare Value

About this Webinar:

Every year, billions of lines of healthcare data are generated when healthcare claims are paid by insurers. These data contain a wealth of information about what services are being provided and what they cost. But these data are often locked up in proprietary datasets owned by insurers or aggregators that deny access or charge high prices.

All-payer claims databases (APCDs) attempt to unlock this data by collecting healthcare claims and other encounter data into public datasets that can be used to monitor healthcare spending in a state—potentially laying the groundwork for policies and research that can improve healthcare value.

This webinar is for consumer advocates and others who want learn about the various state approaches to all-payer claims databases. Panelists will discuss the important uses of the APCD data, how to make a persuasive case for crafting APCDs to meet consumers’ needs and those of regulators, researchers and policymakers. We’ll also hear briefly about a Supreme Court case that could restrict states’ ability to get claims data from self-insured employers.