Rethinking Consumerism in Healthcare


On April 21, 2016, we hosted a conversation about the role of consumers in shopping for healthcare value. The Hub released a Research Brief noting new evidence suggesting the following:

  • High-Deductible Health Plans cause consumer harm and do not lead to better value from our healthcare system.

  • Providers need to be the focus on efforts to address high health care costs and uneven quality.

  • Truly consumer-centric benefit designs would reflect this evidence and feature affordable cost-sharing, strong quality signals and reflect robust efforts to bring down the underlying cost of health care.

Our expert panels presented and reacted to this evidence. The Hub also hosted a May 6 webinar for people that were not able to attend the April 21 in-person event.

High-Deductible Health Plans Don't Work

Providers Must be the Focus of Cost-Containment Efforts

Cost Sharing with Prescription Drugs

Making Benefit Designs Truly Consumer Friendly





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