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Community Health Needs Assessments: Opportunities for Advocates

Our physical, social, and economic environments play a significant role in determining how healthy we are and how long we live. Thanks in part to a new requirement under the ACA, nonprofit hospitals and health systems are beginning to incorporate programs and policies that address these “upstream” determinants of health in new and innovative ways. Advocates can take a seat at the table as hospitals conduct their community benefit planning process to identify and address local and regional community priorities around upstream issues like housing, education, employment, and environmental health.

This advocates-only webinar discussed the levers and limits of community benefit planning and how hospitals are adapting their community benefit planning to meet upstream community needs.


July 13, 2016


Jessica Curtis, Hospital Accountability Project, Community Catalyst

Dan Hodgkins, vice president, community benefits, Community Health Network

Julie Trocchio, senior director, community benefit and continuing care, Catholic Health Association of the U.S.

Lynn Quincy, director, Healthcare Value Hub (Moderator)

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