Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers



The Camden Coalition was a pioneer of "hotspotting," in which utilization data is used to locate and identify "super-utilizers" who then receive targeted, multidisciplinary care-management interventions. These interventions include housing support, mental health, substance abuse and emotional support, in addition to medical care. The coalition now forms an Accountable Care Organization that includes Cooper University Health Care, the Lourdes Health System and Virtua, along with 20+ clinics and other providers that share a common data platform (The Camden Health Information Exchange). The Camden Coalition has provided significant assistance to providers across the country and now trains professional students in their Healthcare Hotspotting Model through their Interprofessional Student Hotspotting Learning Collaborative. In 2017, UnitedHealthcare announced it was creating a $15 million partnership with Camden Coalition to develop, test and scale new models derived from Camden's existing efforts.

Partner Organizations

  • Cooper University Health Care
  • Lourdes Health System
  • Virtua
  • 20+ regional clinics

Target Population

Patients with complex medical and social histories who have been admitted to the hospital 2 or more times within the past 6 months

Care Team

Nurses, social workers, community health workers, health coaches, physicians


2003 - present

Results/ Studies

Randomized Controlled Trial (status ongoing)


Grant-funded initially, Accountable Care Organization model currently


Program website

For Super-Utilizers, Integrated Care Offers A New Path (Health Affairs, 2017)

Brief on hotspotting by the Center for Healthcare Strategies (2014)

Building a Citywide, All-Payer, Hospital Claims Database to Improve Health Care Delivery in a Low-Income, Urban Community (Population Health Management, 2013)

Generating Hypotheses About Care Needs of High Utilizers: Lessons from Patient Interviews (Population Health Management, 2013)