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As policymakers, academics and other stakeholders focus on ways to bring better value to our healthcare system, it is critical that we acknowledge when and where our knowledge is lacking.  A new Hub report finds that there are critical gaps in our knowledge that are preventing us from getting to a system that delivers the right healthcare, at the right time, at the right price.

Our first-of-a-kind analysis summarizes interviews with 14 prominent researchers to learn what the gaps exist and which are most important. While all agreed that there are critical gaps in our knowledge base, there was a wide variety of opinions about where the most important gaps lie, what is needed besides new research and what the best next steps are.

We call upon researchers, funders and other stakeholders to start a national conversation (#MindTheResearchGaps) around research gaps, honing our understanding of what they are, as well as providing direction and a framework for how we spend our research dollars. Consumers deserve nothing less. 

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