Rethinking Consumerism In Benefit Design

Healthcare consumerism has received significant attention in recent years. Employers, policymakers, benefit consultants and researchers have touted "consumer-directed healthcare," such as high-deductible health plans, as a way to reduce costs by giving consumers more "skin in the game." But there's considerable recent evidence to suggest that these approaches don't realize their stated goals and don't benefit consumers.

This webinar looked at new evidence around consumer-directed approaches to increasing healthcare value and discuss alternate approaches that are truly consumer-friendly and evidence based.

The webinar was a shorter version of our April 21, 2016, in-person event held in Washington, DC.


Friday, May 6, 2016


Lynn QuincyHealthcare Value Hub (Slides)

David Newman and Amanda FrostHealth Care Cost Institute (Slides)

Chapin WhiteRAND (Slides)

Webinar Recording

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Hub Publication

Research Brief No. 11, Rethinking Consumerism in Healthcare Benefit Design