Medical Harm: The Taxonomy You’ve Been Waiting For

What do hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), serious reportable events (SREs), healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and "never events" have in common? They're all forms of medical harm. Medical harm is far too common, affecting more than 8 million patients every year, causing more than 400,000 deaths and costing our nation more than $75 billion dollars.  It's easy to engage consumers and policymakers around patient safety discussions but the lexicon can be very difficult to unravel.

This Hub webinar provided an in-depth discussion on the different forms of medical harm and a new graphic illustration of how these terms fit together.


Francois de Brantes
Executive Director, Healthcare Incentives Improvement Institute

Lisa McGiffert
Project Director, Safe Patient Project, Consumers Union

Lynn Quincy
Director, Healthcare Value Hub (Moderator)

Susan Smith
Executive Director, New Hampshire Voices for Health


Recorded Webinar (YouTube)

Webinar Slided Deck (full)

Medical Harm Infographic

Hub Research Brief No. 9, Medical Harm: A Taxonomy

Hub Glossary: Healthcare Quality

Consumers Union's Safe Patient Project