Hub Webinar: June 5, 2015

Addressing Surprise Medical Bills: New Research and State Approaches

About this Webinar:

This webinar addressed the serious—and possibly growing—trend of surprise out-of-network medical bills. The webinar provided a background of what constitutes a surprise bill, a summary of effective state legislative solutions and legislative updates from advocates from several states that have targeted this widespread problem. Panelists also mechanisms for addressing consumer complaints and what actions advocates can take action now.

This was the second of our series of free monthly webinars on ways to decrease healthcare costs, increase quality—in short, pursuing better value in our healthcare system.

Webinar Handout:

Click here for Surprise Medical Bills: Grid of State Legislative Solutions, a listing solutions that states should consider to help protect consumers from surprise medical bills.

Webinar Slides:

Overview of Surprise Medical Bills

Legal & Regulatory Fixes for Surprise Bills

State Legislative Updates

Addressing Consumer Complaints and Advocate Resources